What is our Toddler Room like?

Toddlers are active learners and your child will graduate to the Toddler Room at some point soon after they become steady on their feet!

As your child discovers their own independence, we encourage and guide them to further develop their confidence, their intellectual, social and emotional development as they explore their environment.

When children reach the toddler room, they are offered a slightly more structured environment where they will have the opportunity to experiment with plenty of age appropriate activities. There are different areas for the children to use their imagination and communicate i.e. kitchen corner, dressing up area, construction area, cosy corner and many more.

During this time, we will also work with you to toilet-train your child when you decide the time is right.

We pay especially close attention to the development of speech and language and encourage the development of those through a range of fun and social activities such as songs, role play and storytelling. Other main areas of focus include music, arts and crafts, colours, numbers and fun messy play, where we encourage each child to express their personality through creative and imaginative play whilst promoting their self-esteem and concentration.